Online Courses for Fashion Ed

From Business of Fashion:

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s been one year since we unveiled the first iteration of BoF Education. Today, we are happy to unveil our first paid online courses — The Art & Science of Buying and Merchandising with Susanne Tide-Frater and Fashion History for Today with Colin McDowell — as well as the 2016 edition of our Global Fashion Schools Ranking, which now includes 54 schools from 17 countries around the world.

Our new online courses, which join our free Fashion Foundations courses on Setting up a Fashion Business From Scratch and Fashion Legends, are the next step in the development of BoF Education, fashion’s platform for online learning. Online courses and classes — now embraced by leading institutions like Harvard, MIT, Oxford and Cambridge — have broken down major financial and geographical barriers to knowledge sharing and can do the same in fashion education.

Until now, students who did not live near top institutions were disadvantaged. In the fashion sector, where leading schools are largely concentrated in a handful of style capitals, these barriers are even more pronounced. By contrast, our new courses can be completed anywhere with good access to the Internet — including far from traditional fashion hubs. What’s more, our offering is structured so students can work through materials at their own pace, fitting education into their own schedules…

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