Course for Biz Owners on Generating Free or Cheap Instagram Likes

Excerpt of a news item from about a Bluefield, WV conference for business owners interested in Instagram, including how to build followers or generating free or cheap Instagram likes:

BLUEFIELD — Business owners worked with city officials at a local coffee shop Tuesday to learn the ins and outs of Instagram.

According to the social media platform: “Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.”

Bluefield Community and Economic Development Director Jim Spencer helped to organize the meeting.

“This morning Erica Farrington taught Instagram 101,” Spencer said. “Erica gave an overview with Instagram. It’s basically the Instagram basics and how to use them for your business.”

Spencer said officials worked with business owners to find out what their needs are and develop opportunities to address those needs. “One of the things we’re doing is through Create Opportunity,” Spencer said. “It’s an initiative to support our local businesses. We’ve been hosting sessions since August for our businesses. In August, we had the entrepreneurship option. Then we hosted a class of new market tax credits. We’ve had two marketing classes taught by David Hite.”

According to Spencer, a local business was presented to the group as a case study. “Then we had a case study, which was Ansel Ponder, who is the brand manager for a new business called 3Up 2Up,” Spencer said. “He started this business in October and he’s grown tremendously. He’s done very well, getting their brand out there with social media. He was explaining today to other businesses how they can do the same. Erica taught them the basics and Ansel showed them how Instagram has grown their business.”

Spencer said there were approximately 12 people present for the session on Tuesday morning. “This is something the city is offering to the businesses to help them grow,” Spencer said. “We’re going to continue doing this, we’ll have monthly sessions.”

Officials interested in attending future sessions can contact “Our next class is a Snapchat for businesses session,” Spencer said.

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